Milk, cream or creap…

by EJ

If I’m craving a cuppa and there’s not so much as a drop of milk in the place, I don’t worry. Tucked away in the dry-store is something none of us coffee or tea lovers should do without. Creap. Creamy powder.
On the subject of coffee, I’d like to state for the record that it’s really hard to get a good coffee in Tokyo, and what we do get, we pay a truck load for. Starbucks is everywhere, pumping out dirty dish-water and calling it Latte by the mega litre. Their coffee is so weak it couldn’t drip through a paper bag. I’ve bent my girlfriend’s ear on this matter numerous times, and if she’s still going there, she doesn’t admit it! Each to their own I says, but where’s the appreciation for a deep, rich espresso in this town?