Young something or other…

by EJ

Now, I mean, really, how old do you think this girl is, for f#$%’s sake? This is a shot of typical advertising on my local train for what I guess is one of the many weekly manga rags, containing comics and photos of under-developed female children in bikinis. In case you can’t make it out, this one’s called Young Animal. Why is this acceptable? I cannot see how this blatant demonstration of child exploitation can be so obviously displayed in a nation of intelligent, civilised people. Why is it tolerated? I asked my girlfriend’s friend about this and, in particular, why it is not only tolerated but infact barely even noticed. She said she hasn’t thought about it before because the product being advertised isn’t for her, so she doesn’t pay any attention to the advertisement itself. That’s only one person’s response, but it seems pretty applicable to the community as a whole. “I don’t care because it doesn’t concern me.” My quote, not her’s.
Post script: In the interests of balanced journalism which is what this blog is all about, I’d like to state for the record that I do not actually know how young this girl is. It’s possible she’s not a child at all…a grandmother perhaps.