by EJ

I’d like to do a quick shout-out to my old mate in San Fran, “Scoopy”. Scoop-dawg reminds me of a neighbour back home named Mick. But that’s neither here-nor-there (even though Mick was a hard drinking, hot-rod driving psycho). See you back in Tokyo next winter Scoop!
I’m taking a break. I’ve just been speaking to my good friend “Sheng” from China who lives in Tokyo and works with me in Shinjuku. We’re busy trying to sort out the woes of the world and he ran out of beer so now he’s off to the shop. The internet is a wonderful thing and free internet telephony is down right sweet. Get skype on your computer and look me up…my user name is Tokyoskyper. Why just this morning I spoke to my Bro Pablo in London for over an hour, costing me nix. The world is my neighbourhood and that’s pretty nice.