Shed building and brew day

by EJ

I live in a house with no storage so Steve was good enough to order a shed, pick it up from the depot and deliver it himself. We’re putting it up next weekend so we have somewhere to store our bottles and fermenters, etc. I’m not sure if we’ll be organised enough to fit in a brew after the shed building. Seeing as we’ll be doing two in a row it’s unlikely to happen the same day.

In anticipation however I’ve been researching recipes for an easy extract based Porter (with some malt and hop additions). I’ve always been a stout fan but over the past years have kind of lost interest in it, so was very happy to discover the goodness of porter a while back. It’s a dark brown to black beer but lighter in body and head retention than a stout (to name only a couple of differences). I love a big glass of porter in winter.

The base recipe I’m starting with is from the Grain & Grape website and it looks like a winner. I’ve listed an additional hop that has been recommended but will confirm with the guys in the store.

3.5kg Light Malt Extract

500gms Amber Malt Extract

400gms Amber Malt

300gms Chocolate Malt

200gms Light Crystal Malt

100gms Roast Malt

42.5 gms Northern brewer hops (bittering), interchangeable with whatever you feel like

17.5gms Hallerma Hersbrucker hops (aroma), interchangeable with whatever you feel like

Wyeast London Yeast


Not wanting to ramble, I’ll leave it to future posts to go into detail on the process and outcomes. What I will say, however, is that I’m looking forward to the below little numbers, and their cheeky brethren, getting filled, carefully stashed in the soon to be assembled, official Kaizen Brewing Company Storage Facility, aged and then opened!