Trouble down below

by EJ

Well, what started out with such popping effervescence has hit a hurdle on the path to brewing perfection. My Unsinkable Porter has run up against a spot or two of bother and only blessed time will tell whether the Gods, in their good grace, allow it to pull through. I’m learning on the go with this brewing lark, which gives one the benefit of hands on experience yet renders one prone to costly, unforeseen hiccups. In summary: I underpitched the yeast. Fermentation stopped. Gravity presently too high to bottle. Applied a rotten heat belt to raise temperature in hope of giving a bit of a kick-start to the poor old, stalled ferment. Temperature peaked at an awful 24c. Uggggh. Rotten heat belt removed. Fermenter placed in cool laundry. Decision taken to leave alone for a few days. Next decision: rack to secondary fermenter and add finings or leave in primary? A caution: when making a high gravity beer make a yeast starter to go with it.