English Bitter and Aussie Pale Ale are go

by EJ

Last Sunday we managed to crank out the two brews we’d been lining up for some time. I commenced with an hour long stove top mash of my old Pilsner malt in three litres of water at 68c. That went into a ten litre, 60 minute boil with late additions of molasses (200g), fuggles hops (25g), kit can (English Bitter), DME (500g) and dextrose (500g). I rehydrated my yeast (Safale S-04) and pitched at 22c. She started bubbling away happily a short while later. The next two days we had a bit of krausen bubble over through the airlock but that was tidied up and quickly died down after the initial burst of activity.

I took a reading of the wort from my Pilsner malt and it came in at 1.030. Most sources give us 1.036 maximum efficiency so I felt ok with my result. Prior to pitching the yeast I took a reading of OG 1.046 which roughly equates to an efficiency of 70%. I think my overall volume was a bit high, so with a litre or two less water my OG would have been slightly higher again. Not to worry.

Everything went very smoothly. We sanitised well and were careful about each step. I’m expecting a healthy brew.

Steve then took over and got his Australian Pale Ale into the fermenter, which was a case of boiling it with three litres of water and DME (1kg). He threw in an ounce or so of hops (can’t remember which) and pitched his rehydrated yeast that came with the kit. He’s done this one before and the results have been fine (especially considering the cost per bottle).

Good Beer week is happening in Melbourne/Vic this coming May. There are some really cool events on so I’ve planned a bit of a schedule. Check it out here. I called the Geelong Maltings to book a tour place and they had no idea what I was talking about. They took my phone number but no-one called me back! I’ll give them another ring soon.

Speaking of good beer, here’s some British stuff that I’m currently enjoying. The Haymaker Pale Ale is really tasty, as was the Twelve Days Dark Ale. Old Hooky coming up next.

I don’t know about you but I love stories about people finding old stuff in old houses or weird places, making for American Pickers meets Scooby Doo type scenarios. This one was a real mystery, for about 2.3 seconds.