All good

by EJ

I decided to cold crash my English Bitter. I figured that seeing as it’s been on the ferment for so long it won’t hurt to try a technique I haven’t done before. Problem is, I don’t have a dedicated cooling space which means I wait for my wife to go to bed and then do this:

First, I take out all the food from the refrigerator then quietly replace it with my beer filled carboy.


Allow me at this point to state categorically that I do not want to end my marriage, so basically I’m not sure why I am doing this at all.

The next step is to stealthily put the food back into the refrigerator and pray that my wife doesn’t notice anything amiss.

I follow both these steps, the first of which is evidenced by the below pic. I’m feeling pretty confident that things will turn out for the best.

On the bright side, I ran out of booze tonight so helped myself to some of Steve’s Australian Pale Ale which has been quietly mellowing in the Kaizen shed. It’s his fault for not getting it out of here sooner. Very nicely done, I must say. A decent hop inflection on an otherwise standard Coopers kit.