A couple of good ones

by EJ

I’ve heard a bit about Temple Brewing Company but until today hadn’t tried any of their beers. I picked up a bottle of their Saison this afternoon even though the weather calls for more of a stout than a summery farmhouse ale.

At 6% alcohol she sits pretty much in the middle of the alcohol range, is slightly burnt orange in color, and displays a lovely white head. I picked up some honey and vanilla smells. It was a bit tart though not puckering with a dry, zesty finish. Funnily enough it reminded me a little of an all-grain home brewed American Pale Ale I tried a while back.

IMG_3461Due to a “partnership disagreement” Temple Brewing Company is now in voluntary liquidation, however. The couple who started the company have said that they are looking forward to buying back their business, so they might be around for a while yet. Good luck to them.

Did I mention that today’s weather called for a stout? Here’s one out of Japan which has quite a rave behind it. It’s brewed with “well-roasted” coffee beans which come through strongly. While I do like coffee, when it comes out of a wet beer made from dark malt, the effect is like sniffing an espresso machine’s used coffee handles. It’s coffee, alright, but damp, musty, and earthy too. Just perfect for a stout.

I was annoyed with myself upon tasting this beer, knowing that last Christmas and New Year I was in Tokyo drinking sake but very little craft. Next time.

Good news is that there is now in my city a very decent accessibility to Japan brews. You probably won’t find anything too obscure but that comment alone makes me wonder. What did this particular brewery do so well to end up having its beers sold in various establishments throughout Victoria, Australia (aside from making great beer)? Their white ale is up next!