12 4 50 was my number

by EJ

A mixed dozen of Weihenstephaner for AUD$50? I’d buy that for a dollar! If you’ve ever wondered about what the hell people are talking about when they use adjectives such as bready, biscuity, or burnt-toasty in reference to particular beer flavours then you ought to get your laughing gear around a few bottles of this one. A couple of practice runs and pretty quickly you’ll get the bready vibe.


You may not care, and it is debatable as to whether it matters, but this Dunkel is out of the oldest brewery in the world (according to the brewery itself) and is a lovely addition to your dark beer appreciation efforts.

I’m sure I’m not familiar with the full range, however, Weihenstephaner in Australia seems to mainly consist of the Hefeweissbier, Hefeweissbier Dunkel, Kristall Weissbier, Pilsner, and Bayrisch Dunkel (Tradition). The fact that I now bottle my homebrew in 500ml bottles exemplifies my commitment to these beers.

Their Pilsner opened my eyes to the style and made me appreciate the concept of building knowledge upon a strong foundation. Over-hopped-crazy-brews are now replaced with the old school!