Life gets in the way

by EJ

The title of this post sums things up nicely so I won’t labour the point. I have been absent from all things brewing for a while (check the date of the last post) and suddenly felt the pang of absence so got out into the Kaizen Shed and cleaned, organised and reboxed lots and lots of empty bottles. It was a good exercise (not to mention one of the original Kaizen principles) which seemed to purify the soul some-what.

I was kind of down on myself though because it was early Sunday afternoon and I had no beers, just a bottle of crappy red wine. As I organised the shed and checked out what was in every box the Beer Gods smiled upon me and endowed me with the wonderful experience of suddenly discovering a six pack of beer, mixed in with a whole stack of empty bottles! How good is that?

I immediately chucked it in the fridge and pondered again my great affection for beer and how moments such as these have solidified my belief that brewing and drinking brews is indeed my higher calling. Do you know what happened next? The phone rang. It was Steve. He had just driven back from his mother’s house where our remaining stash of beer is stored and delivered me a twelve pack of home brew! Again the Gods smile upon me. Sweet. In light of the above it seems only fitting to rename this post “Jason and the Argonauts.”

Note to self: Want to brew mini batches? Look to DME as opposed to kit beers. There in lies the diff.

Back to business. I don’t have a photo of it but can you believe I haven’t yet bottled the Rocky Mountain? It is still sitting out in the back yard, weeks-upon-weeks after it got brewed. I have no idea as to whether the stuff is salvageable (queue uproarious laughter and applause) but it will not hurt to try. Given that its been winter these past months I still reckon it is worth bottling it and hoping for the best. Had it been summer I’d say forget that Sh*t. Natch, will keeps you posted.