Woodsman Lager is officially bottled

by EJ

I’ve decided to call it Woodsman Lager because it has been out in the garden for the past two months, and has ended up covered in bird sh*t. I brought the fermenter inside and my wife nearly had a heart attack.

IMG_3597The white tube next to the fermenter is probably a sewerage outlet or whatnot which bodes poorly for the health of the beverage therein. I’m happy to report however that after an initial taste test I was completely reassured that the beverage was in very good condition.

It took me nearly all day but I managed to get thirty-three 500ml bottles out of it. I racked from the primary fementer to a bottling bucket and added about 240gms of glucose to it. I honestly have no idea as to whether that’ll hit the mark or completely explode it but we’ll see soon enough.

I did state that I would get a brew done as well but that was obviously a bit ambitious given how long it took me to get the bottling finished. All good though. I bought the ingredients for an interesting ale so will try to get that done next week.


Here’s the finished product after a good effort today. I ended up having too few bottles so had to hurriedly wash a few empties, sanitize and go again.  This brings me to something that I really need to do to each fermenter: fill them up with water a liter at a time and mark them at the 5, 10, 15, and 20 liter marks. I think this is my third brew or so where I have not been completely sure of the volume.

Plenty of time to practice though! Happy, healthy drinking to all.