A darker ale

by EJ

A good day today with another ale brewed up in the morning. A couple of tweaks (not twerks) to a Coopers Real Ale kit. I mashed 105gms of chocolate malt with 45gms of crystal malt in two litres of water at 65c – 68c for 45 minutes. That then went into six litres at 74c with 500gms of dry malt. I boiled for 45 minutes then added the Coopers can of Real Ale LME and continued to boil for 15 minutes (late extract addition). I threw in a small amount of Goldings hops with about three minutes to go on the boil so they shouldn’t bring too much except for a bit of aroma. I rehydrated the yeast, using Mangrove Jack’s Workhorse. I haven’t tried it before and really just bought it out of curiosity. Fermentation started a little while after pitching but is currently very, very slow. It’s been a pretty chilly afternoon though. OG was 1.036.

IMG_3600This pic displays Amarillo hops which I was planning to use until it suddenly occurred to me that I was making a bit of a brown ale so sidelined them. They’re better off in an IPA or something kind of fruity, as far as I’m aware. The brew went very smoothly and it seems the more I brew the easier it gets, so I’d better keep going.

Being impatient invariably means you end up drinking the freshly brewed beers way too earlier, under the guise of taste testing only. Such is the case with Woodsman Lager. I knocked off a couple yesterday just out of curiosity – a week after bottling them. They’re looking and tasting great. Color wise, indistinguishable from the Weihenstephan dark wheat. The yeast impact was very stationary, as in not prolific in flavor, but given this is a lager yeast I guess it is doing the right thing. A couple more weeks and it’ll be even more excellent, I’m sure.