Pinching yeast

by EJ

I can’t believe that my local bottle shop still has Chimay White on sale at three for $13! The omnipresent big box liquor retailer has them at $8 a pop! I really hope the local has another three in stock for me tomorrow. I’ll grab them for the weekend.

Such prices have presented me with the perfect opportunity to attempt my first ever yeast harvest. Following the instructions from John Palmer’s How to Brew, I simply open the bottle, sanitize the neck and opening, then pour the beer into my drinking glass, leaving the layer of yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle. I then give it a good swirl and pour that into a prepared yeast-starter. He recommends the sediment of three bottles for the one yeast starter, which matches up perfectly with my local bottle shop special.

The starter itself is a container with an airlock and a half liter of wort in it, made simply from half a cup of DME. Sounds pretty straight forward so far. Now all I need is a simple Chimay White recipe…