50th post!

by EJ

But I’m the only one reading it! That’s cool. Summer brews are on my mind. I’ve got 35 bottles of Darker Ale maturing quietly. As I have two weeks off this coming Christmas I want to ensure I’m well stoked stocked with very good home brew. My wish list goes like this: next weekend get the Pilsner sorted along with an easy, standard cream ale (AKA: lawn mower beer as per p94 of Brewing Classic Styles and this style profile from BYO). Two brews in one day? Well, time is against me so I’d love to make it happen. From there I’ll have to get the Saisons happening. The Danstar website indicates that their Belle Saison yeast will start cranking at temperatures above 17c. As such, I complete my wish list with a Saison the following weekend given that said yeast is waiting patiently in the fridge. Wish me luck.