The slowdown spreads

by EJ

It would seem that my Cream Ale has now come to the end of its visibly active fermentation stage. The airlock has come to such a standstill that not even a vigorous swirl will re-engage the over-fed yeast!

The Danstar website indicates that this yeast (Bry 97) in particular will engage quickly and come to an end after four days at temperatures over 17c. It goes onto say that because it is a flocculating strain clarity may be assisted by cooling (which I take to mean below 17c). This is interesting because the indoor temperature this week has been very cool indeed. Today’s top was all of 16c. Sadly, all signs from the airlock at this very moment point to the end of the road, as far as I’m concerned.

Right this minute I’m almost convinced to give the “ichiban ganbaru” yeast award to the humble sache of generic business found under the cap of every Coopers kit. It has ticked along most happily, unperturbed by the inclement weather or any other factor, to think of it. If I recall correctly Steve pitched it dry, even. Well done, generic business ale yeast!

All this talk of beer has made me thirsty. I now confess to putting one bottle of the Darker Ale in the fridge. It’s about time I had a taste test. It cools, I wait. Goodnight.