Update: Cream Ale 2 goes very well

by EJ


Sadly, the Pilsner didn’t make it, becoming the first batch I’ve ever dumped down the sink.  The second batch of yeast didn’t yield so much as a small burp from the fermenter which maintained an awful, cloudy complexion. Here’s how it ended up, pouring out like a terracotta sludge. To this day I have no idea what went wrong. Just bad luck? Or yeast? I felt pretty bummed out about losing a whole batch but I’m now ready to press on. Get back in the saddle, as it were.

I left the Cream Ale alone for a few weeks after the Pilsner was tipped out. I felt pretty pessimistic about it because the initial ferment had been very short lived. None-the-less I got the thing bottled and only two weeks later sampled a couple. It turns out they may end up taking my best home brew title, so I’m very enthused again! I even ordered a copy of Designing Great Beers in celebration!

My Cream Ale does look a little dark but it is very clear and has a mild hoppiness and peppery taste from the yeast, which is a little strong but enjoyable. Overall it has turned out to be a great session beer and a brew that makes it easy to forget that it came out of a kit. Nice white head that really lasts the length of the beer. A solid performance!

Summer is here but you wouldn’t know it from the crappy weather. I’ve still got the Saison yeast so should get one of those underway before too long, but it doesn’t seem hot enough and, anyway, it’s too late to do one for Christmas. Still, a full fermenter is a happy fermenter.