Day of the pickle

by EJ

I wasted little time getting stuck into The Art of Fermentation. I bought half a kilo of red chillies and a handful of smaller bird’s eye chillies. I chopped them up and salted them with about ten grams of Murray River pink salt that we often use. I roughly crushed four cloves of garlic and soaked them in a small amount of white vinegar. I used a meat tenderizer to bruise the chillies and was surprised with the amount of liquid that immediately started to extract.image






I then stuffed them into a small jar and used rolled cabbage leaves as a plug to keep the lot submerged in the liquid. In a month’s time or so I’ll run it through a blender and will have my own, home-made chilli sauce. Can’t wait!










The next project was a jar of sauerkraut which I kept as simple as you can imagine. Just chopped about three quarters of a large cabbage, salted it with about two percent of its weight in salt then packed it tightly into a glass jar. In both cases I used a thick rolling pin to help pack it all in nice and tight. Again, I used a plug of cabbage leaves to help keep all the chopped vegetable under its own liquid.








The sauerkraut should be ready in a few days to a week, or so.