Merry Christmas!

by EJ

Today was a great day. Merry Christmas everyone. I’m topping off the day in front of the TV with a bottle of Saison from St Feuillien, Belgium. This one has a nice, back of the throat alcohol burn that isn’t too strong. The hops are very low key and the finish has a yeasty,  soft sourness. Carbonation is very compact and buzzy but the head settles quickly. That aside it’s a lovely, dry drop.  Alcohol is 6.5% which is a little high, traditionally speaking. Color is a coppery orange. Ingredients include vitamin c which, my research indicates, is used as an anti-oxidant rather than a flavor enhancer. If you prefer a hoppier, bitter style then Dupont is probably for you. It’s certainly bolder and more rustic feeling, and I’d say my preference, however if you like something softer then this one is very tasty.