My (small) all grain system

by EJ

I’ve devised a simple all grain brewing system which will fit my stove top quite nicely and will enable me to get going without having to stump up too much more cash. I’ll need one more 19 liter pot and a wort chiller (which will be a bit steep at $100 or so). There are a couple of foreseeable kinks, however, as it’ll result in a two pot boil. This means that I’ll need to fill the two pots as evenly as possible without aerating the wort during sparge or transfer of wort to pot. If I’m careful, and plan ahead, I should be able to obtain 20 liters without a drama though – at worst it’ll just require a bit of juggling which is normal in the brewing process.

I’m currently thinking out my system while listening to Enka via a Japanese internet radio stream. Wish I was back there. I’m not unfortunately so will make the most of life here! Sad to be away from places and people that you love though. Anyway, let’s focus on positives! Brewing season is back once again and I feel closer than ever to jumping into all grain brewing. Can’t wait! Once I’m up and running I’ll post some decent pics.