First all grain beckons

by EJ

I’m a wort chiller shy of having all the items together to do my first all grain brew. The below pic displays my all grain “system” which simply consists of two 19 litre pots and one 25 litre cooler converted to a mash tun with a steel braid “false bottom.” Both pots fit on my stove top at the same time. I need to split the wort between them and do simultaneous boils.

I picked up 4.3 kg of two row and 1.7 kg of flaked corn on the weekend, along with some Saaz hops and Saflager s-23. A simple Pilsner and my first all grain attempt to boot! I have to wait for the next couple of weeks while the weather cools though, seeing as I don’t have any temperature control and lagers need to ferment at around 12c or lower.

I also got the ingredients together for another crack at the Woodsman Lager (using a Coopers Lager kit). My first attempt was probably my best batch yet. See if I can improve on it.