The brewers are back in town!

by EJ

A lot has been going on of late, preventing me from updating Sake Holiday as frequently as I should. By way of round up, I bottled the Pilsner and Dark Ale which have both turned out pretty ok. The Pilsner has a fairly foul diacetyl taste going on which I hope will dissipate over time. The Dark Lager fell victim to a rooky error on my part; filling the fermenter to 23 litres when I should have stopped at 20. I am looking on the bright side however with the belief that I have made a decent light beer. image

I had a good night with a bunch of dads from my kid’s school. They came over to my place and we did a home brewing session as none of them had brewed before but were keen to give it a shot. For ease, and because ingredients were at hand, we made another Dark Lager – that was a month or more ago so it’s high time I got it bottled.

As per the picture, Steve and I hit the home brew shop and stocked up with enough ingredients for a red ale, a red lager and a dark ale. We’ll be back in the brewing saddle as of next weekend. Happy days.